Peter and Alice by 6 time TONY winner John Logan 


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ABOUT Justin Kirkeberg

Justin has over 20 years of experience in theater. He spent his early 
career performing in New York City, as a company member with... Read more >

Parallel Lives
4 Stars "...very well written and the acting from these two fine ladies is superb!" 2011

"Justin M. Kirkeberg offers a scrupulously text-driven interpretation."
John Townsend~ Lavender 2012

"...Superb Ensemble Treatment..." "a riveting theatrical experience"
John Townsend Lavender 2013

"Maxine Klein brings amazing thought and insight to her post 9/11 production, Candid Theater Co. once again has a winner."
Lavender Magazine

""Katherine Preble and Julie Dafydd make Parallel Lives, a funny, occasionally insightful, and touching piece of theater." 2011
Ed Huyck~ City Pages

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